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Who We Are

A Group of likeminded individuals working towards Technological innovation. Our core areas of focus includes developing innovative (IoT) solutions, components, applications, and other tech-based services.


At Orange Fox Labs, our mission is to serve as a gathering place for the global technical community. We strive to deliver scalable IT Solutions for lasting impact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about a technological disruption by redefining the digital ecosystem, taking the power of IoT, and giving it to the world.

Our Services

IoT Solutions

Leveraging unsurpassed IoT knowledge and expertise, we can craft solutions to optimize processes, boosting productivity at minimal costs both for business and for personal.


Smart solutions for Agriculture that address the challenge of food Security for Pakistan, focussing on Water efficiency and yeild optimization.

Web & Mobile

By creating professional web and mobile applications that are robust and scalable, we help you to get the results that you need!


With our cloud integration services, we can combine multiple tools, best practices, and innovative technologies of the modern industry to provide you with a holistic one-stop solution.

IoT product

Full spectrum of services including Reverse Engineering, PCB designing, Troubleshooting, 3D printing , New Product Development and customization options.

Research &

Under the supervision of our expert research team, we ensure that the products and solutions that you design are aligned with market trends and developed leveraging the latest technologies.

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P & D

The crux of Orange Fox Labs is research. All of our products are extensively researched under constant supervision of expert professionals of the industry to form new, untapped solutions to existing and potential problems.

P & D

On a mission to integrate humans and technology in our solutions, our experts know just what it takes to give your systems the ability to draw insights and ‘learn’ from data, analytics, and experience.

IoT & M2M

Experienced at creating smart systems, our professionals can help connect your appliances via sensors and innovative technologies for effective communication and efficient collaborations.


With a team of experts skilled at integration, we can help you automate your processes with controlled systems to ensure that the results meet and exceed your expectations every step of the way.

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