About Orange Fox Labs

We develop Innovative Solutions, Components, and Applications in our endeavor towards a Super-Automated and Digitally Intelligent tomorrow. The center of our attention in reaching our destiny is IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Sciences.

Challenging Status Quo

We invest in entrepreneurs who are extremely eager to see the world advance technologically. We do this because we believe that the next revolution that will shift the course of history will be a Technological Revolution; hence these people will be the agents of that change.

What exactly we seek in the entrepreneurs is an eagle-eye focus on the idea they want to execute and long term vision of how they are going to do it.

The way our entrepreneurs see the world is how the whole world will see it in a decade or so. They are risk-takers who are willing to embark on the journey of uncertainty, and we are willing to take it with them since we only partner with those people whose vision for the future of technology matches our passion for technology.

Our goal is to accelerate their growth very rapidly.

How We Serve



Leveraging our extensive network can help you amplify your story, accelerate your growth, and change your company’s trajectory. We get you in front of potential customers and can introduce you to potential partners, board members, advisors, and peers.


Coworking Space

We aim to provide startups with a corporate environment that promotes a distinct and professional image. Our operations team can assist with some of the more time-intensive tasks of building a company, negotiating lease agreements, and finding a part-time controller or CFO.


Legal Assistance

We have the experience, the range of contacts, and the specialist disciplines to help clients, large or small, individual or corporate, cut through extraneous matter, and make the right decisions. We help our startups to achieve their goals by providing the highest level of technical legal expertise.



We thrive on creating, expanding, or enhance startups by optimizing the technology in your idea while increasing the skills and self-sufficiency of your team. Whether you are a product founder looking for technical support, we can connect you with the right people.



Building a venture-scale idea isn’t guesswork. Our in-house experts will help you prove your solution through focus groups, market sizing, competitive analysis, and domain expert interviews, which help build the fundamentals of your business.



We help our companies leverage the experience of other startups. We arrange numerous events throughout the year, including the annual CEO Summit. We also collect valuable data, such as our annual compensation survey.

The Details

Over the past four years, Orange Fox Labs has expanded from having one startup under its umbrella to having over seven today and almost each of them being in various different segments of technology. Currently, OFL houses more than 20 employees, each one having unparalleled technical expertise in their specific fields.

We invest in prospective multimillion dollars and scalable business ideas across various sectors, including but not limited to: Home automation; Precision based agriculture, Vertical farming, E-commerce; Smart clothing; and Sentiment analysis of localized languages.

The philosophy behind our name Orange Fox Labs, boils down to the characteristics of an Orange Fox, which has exceptional responsiveness and enhanced awareness, which relates to our proactivity concerning the technology. The fox also tries to find its way around in tricky situations, which is exactly what we try to achieve using technology.

Walking, talking Venn diagrams

Our Team